Green Watt Group


Energy efficiency and protection or the environment are not completely new concepts.

There are places on Earth, lovely but with hostile climate conditions, which lead the inhabitants to look for alternative energy sources in order to face them, without damaging the main resources of the land. In one of those places, in the Italian Prealps, a farseeing team of entrepreneurs and technicians with different cultural background understood in advance the importance and the usefulness of a new source of energy which could make available two kinds of energy produced in an alternative way, with a definitIve reduction of energy use.

The task of turning the idea into a solid technological product was entrusted to a group of young researchers of the University of Bergamo, endowed with fresh and innovative ideas. 

Subsequently came the investment plan, the study of patents, the organisation and the running of the whole production system, the hard work and the enthusiasm of a lot of people.

Today GreenWatt is a reality, with strong roots and a clear vision of the market.

The creativity, the production capability, the resources dedicated to R&D, the attitude of serving the customer and a strong entrepreneur spirit, allowed GreenWatt to challenge a powerful and innovative market.

The Micro-cogenerator GreenWatt, low polluting, conceived to reduce energy use, is the synthesis of the ideas of people who are interested in enviroment culture and want to preserve and protect their land, people who are able to turn a great number of ideas into an effective, safe and advanced product.