Micro cogeneration

GreenWatt micro-cogenerators

Greenwatt micro-cogenerators are realized on the basis of a 2000 cm3  endothermic engine built by Volkswagen Group, which has been working for years designing engines for micro-cogeneration. The project dates back to 2008 and was carried out by Greeny together with the Engineering Department of the University of Bergamo. The research team, made up of researchers specialized in mechanical engineering and fluid dynamics, has tried to attain the maximum levels of efficiency and reliability. The research for the development of the products is based on few, basic engine characteristics.

The use of a 2000 cm3 engine on the present and future range of products is a choice taken to guarantee the maximum reliability and a long  life. In fact it is known that the more powerful engines   allow a low-regime working and a low wear of the most delicate parts. 

Greenwatt micro-cogenerators can be fed with different types of gas. Perfect working is ensured with methane, GPL and biogas. This allows to choose the best feeding depending on the place or on the installing needs. 

Thermal trackers
All the Greenwatt products are and will be characterized by being  “ thermal trackers”. This allows to optimize the productions of both thermal and electric power, guaranteeing the successful result of the investment in short times and the maximum respect of the environment. 

The electric generation part is realized with a “brushless” generator, which guarantees the minimum wear , a great reliability and working life, reduced sizes and a very good performance. The thermal generation part is characterized by two exchangers ( a  plate exchanger anda shell and tube one). Both the generation systems are electronically managed so as to ensure the maximum control and the user’s possibility to manage it.

Complying with the IP54 rules ( protection against the noxious dust deposits and the water sprays coming from all directions), Greenwatt products can be installed both inside and outside. All kinds of plants can be realized, with automatic switching on and off or depending on the thermal requirements.

Working life and maintenance
Volkswagen engine guarantees a minimum working life of 30.000 hours, provided the correct maintenance is performed ( every 6000 hours).

Greenwatt micro-cogenerators offer the best performance even as far as sizes are concerned. The particular  building structure allows to fit the 2000 cm3 four-cylinder engine in a limited area.

The user can choose to implement the micro-cogenerator with a remote-control system which allows to control the plant working remotely.

Greeny has definitely chosen to make co-generation technology easily available even for more limited areas than in the traditional use, and this product is the natural evolution of a society which takes care of the environment, commercial and home economics and the market evolution.