The micro-cogeneration system is cost-effective in more ways than one. It involves the combined production of electricity and heat from a single small plant and is a key element in the transition to a new energy model based on distributed generation.
Simultaneously producing 2 types of energy using a single fuel is advantageous, especially in industrial, sports and hotel contexts.

Beneficial in terms of economic return, which is rapid and proportional to the hours of operation and relative “electricity” production, but also in terms of the ecological aspect: the use of the Cogenerator reduces the emission of polluting particles into the atmosphere by 40% compared to producing the same amount of energy with traditional systems, and fuel utilisation is almost complete by virtue of the high energy efficiency achieved.

The importance of a cogeneration or micro-cogeneration machine being correctly sized for the results of the required needs in savings that the customer will be able to see from the first energy bills.
Sizing the machine to allow self-consumption of the energy produced is a sign of success, savings, and satisfaction for those who have chosen this application.
For a cogeneration machine to perform at its best, it must be able to run several hours a day, not staying below the threshold of around 4000 hours per year.
In this way, the savings will be clearly visible, concrete and increasing as time goes by.

By producing thermal energy in addition to electricity, with only one expenditure on fuel, you get two products that can be used right This system, unlike a normal plant with separate production, allows maximum utilisation of the fuel yield, using less of it to achieve the same results and minimise pollution away.

This is possible by exploiting the heat generated by the internal combustion engine, using it to heat the customer’s system, without requiring any additional fuel.

The Greenwatt cogenerator also has a low environmental impact, because thanks to the presence of catalysers, CO2 emissions are limited, allowing us to protect the environment around us.

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