Tecnical Support

Constant support and after-sales service are our priorities, protecting the customer and the proper functioning of the systems.

Our team of technicians provides the customer with adequate support for the product, i.e. the GreenWatt systems and plants, taking care of the contractual and management aspects of service and maintenance.

This activity is essential to have a cogenerator that functions optimally and fully meets the customer’s energy requirements.

Our service guarantees safety and reliability, thanks to the excellent training of our technicians and the timeliness of intervention.

Through dialogue with the customer, GreenWatt agrees on targeted maintenance packages and with them defines intervention times thanks to a careful schedule agreed according to the customer’s needs.

In addition, our technicians are available at any time for clarifications, questions or doubts of any kind, so that the customer is always satisfied and familiar with the operation.

Remote Control

Thanks to our remote control packages, the customer and our maintenance service can check the operating status of the installed machines, thus enabling optimisation of maintenance operations and predictive actions on machine faults, based on the readings made by our remote control products.

In addition, the customer also has the possibility of observing, managing and controlling certain operating parameters from his PC or smartphone without having to actually go to the machine.

In this way, we can provide the customer with all-round support, constantly monitor the situation of the cogenerators, and can guarantee high reliability for our products.

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